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Standart Send To The Wrong Wallet Adress (Must Read)

This can be a technical mistake that a ton of people do pretty much, and it's easy to fix.Yes its very easy to fix, just read what i just posted.


Double-check that the exchange wallet you're sending funds to matches the token you're sending. Don't try to send LTC to an XRP wallet adress. Don't try to send ETH to a BTC wallet adress.

Don't lose your crypto. Send to the wrong wallet adress, this is so important for begginers.

And I really want to say last one more thing. I'm definitely sure you guys keep a Word or doc with your entire passwords or every other stuff on it.

What I mean here's that you entire passwords, private keys, etc., print them off, and keep them somewhere secure/safe. In this way, if your personal computer should crash, or get stolen, or compromised, you are able to restore your entire crypto stuff to another device.
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