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Standart Cevap: #ZenCash blockchain were been hacked

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Well it's not something i can currently comment about. I got to see the results of the measures taken by ZenCash team. Before that, anything would be a speculation. In possible %51 attacks you need to provide more than the double of the GHS mining power hashrate at the related network.
About a week back; ZenCash network had 59 MH Equihash mining hashrate in total. So you needed almost 62,5 MH to make the %51 attack. And that costs only 7180$ to make the attack on the mining pool; for getting all the block rewards for an hour , with the Msol rental for an hour from NiceHash.
In time different coin networks' pools get attacked and mining those coins becomes much much worthy and the value of those coins rise.

About the double spending issue of the attackers in the coin network; this does not effect the coin traders so much, incooperation with the exchanges network finds out the attacking wallet addresses and solves the problem.
For now value of ZEN being %5,5 lower on ZEN/BTC might be a good buying price. It's up to you to decide.
For P2P transfers i do not advise to use ZEN for a week until the dust settles down. Cause the exchanges will keep the confirmations high and P2P transfers will be like hell of a waiting.
Thank you, for your comment.I already bought some Zen/BTC.I think the price is good for buying.I will sell off short-term.And Zen is an end-to-end encryption system with zero technology knowledge where communications, data, or values can be sent and stored securely. This is an integration of the technological revolution that creates an end system where innovation can be accelerated by a combination of three traditionally performed separately:

1) transaction
2) communication, and
3) competitive governance.

This is done in a security and an anonymous way, using
a worldwide distribution of block chains and computer infrastructure.
The system is integrated with the best forms of technology in which a
transparency for unlicensed innovations that can develop with
user desires.
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