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husta5 Nickli Üyeden Alıntı Mesajı göster
I have checked the website of coinroom exchange. As i see the pairings of the listed crypto currencies are limited to PLN (Poland money). But not with each other. Without having Xmr (monero) listed; but a fork from XMR; the MoneroV (XMV) is listed in coinroom.
It's a little hard for coinroom to get trades from the world when all coins are paired to only PLN, but in time i believe when new listed choices of new cryptocurrencies are added to exchange, there can be good amount of trades in volume @Coinroom too. Best of luck.
Thank you for reviewing our website @husta5

Monero is back online and we also have the US Dollar, Euro and the British Pound available for trade against all cryptocurrencies.

The USD, EUR and GBP can be deposited via bank transfer and also via Skrill, an express deposit method.

In the upcoming days we will also launch Turkish Lira deposits via the Skrill wallet, for our Turkish customers

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